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Critical Explorations of Ageing Bodies and Socio-Gerontechnology

Ifib-Wissenschaftlerin Juliane Jarke wird auf dem Symposium "Ageing bodies, datafication and algorithms" einen Vortrag zu Datafizierung und Alter(n) halten.

Kurzbeschreibung des Symposiums in Englisch:

Participants will seek to illuminate a variety of interrelationships with, and conceptualisations of ageing bodies, as they emerge in everyday entanglements with data infrastructures, AI systems, the data bases that inform machine learning algorithms, and others. Contributions in this symposium explore the many intersections of data infrastructures and ageism, both in the making of algorithms and the everyday encounters with them.

Chair: Alexander Peine (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Speakers: Kelly Joyce (Drexel University, USA); Natassia Brenman (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK), Vera Gallistl (University of Vienna, Austria), Juliane Jarke (ifib, University of Bremen, Germany)