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Andreas Breiter

Scientific Director

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Mediatized organizational worlds in schools

Schools as translocal network organisations

Research project (2 years) within the Priority Research Programme (1505) "Mediatized Worlds" of the German Research Foundation

The increasing diffusion of digital media throughout all realms of schools is accompanied by great expectation that have been met only partly. The aim of the project is to analyze mediatisation in schools as a social organization and to describe and analyze the interdependency between media change and organizational change. We do not focus on changing ways of teaching and learning or the use of digital media within the school administration but on mediatisation in the organizational world of schools, primarily addressing communication among faculty and with head teachers. Such processes provide the basis for schooling and are altered by mediatisation. This interplay has not been researched yet. Therefore we need to ask about the shaping of traditional media by digitalisation, alteration and networking as well as the ongoing differentiation of digital media in schools as well as how schools change as translocal networked organizations. Using this concept we place special emphasis on communication as the central aspect of schools as organisations. The corresponding research is based on two school case studies building on the triangulation of qualitative and quantitative research methods. The project is part of the “Research field B: Networks” of the priority programme.

Publications belonging to this project

Schulz, Arne Hendrik [jetzt: Ruhe, Arne Hendrik]; Welling, Stefan (2011) Schule als translokale Netzwerkorganisation: Vorstellung des methodischen Designs unter Betonung der teilnehmenden Beobachtung Methodenworkshop im Rahmen des SPP Mediatisierung an der Leuphana Universität, 1./2.7.2011, Lüneburg:

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Schulz, Arne Hendrik [jetzt: Ruhe, Arne Hendrik]; Breiter, Andreas; Welling, Stefan (2011) Kommunikation in mediatisierten schulischen Organisationswelten Arbeitsfeldtreffen „Kontexte“ des SPP „Mediatisierte Welten“, 19.10.2011, Bremen:

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Breiter, Andreas (2012) Schools as Mediatized Organizations. Transcultural Perspectives on Changing Schools Workshop of ECREA TWG “Mediatization”, March 30th to March 31st 2012, London:

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Welling, Stefan; Breiter, Andreas; Schulz, Arne Hendrik [jetzt: Ruhe, Arne Hendrik] (2015) Mediatisierte Organisationswelten in Schulen - Wie der Medienwandel die Kommunikation in den Schulen verändert ISBN: 978-3-658-03677-5
Wiesbaden: Springer VS,

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