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We research digital transformation in education and public administration

building on more than 15 years of experience and a continuous development of our expertise

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For us, digital transformation means social responsibility

The ‘Institut für Informationsmanagement Bremen GmbH (ifib)’ is a research institution recognized by the state of Bremen and an affiliated institute of the University of Bremen. Our work focuses on current developments, challenges and the possibilities for designing the digital transformation in our research areas. Together with project participants we transfer our gained knowledge into products and solutions. This helps to make organizational and administrative processes more applicable and future-proof through organizational development, business process optimization and digital audits. In doing so, we take ethical, social and legal aspects into account: user orientation, participation and sharing, access, transparency, accessibility, data protection, privacy and diversity.

Since our foundation in 2002, we have carried out over 250 projects and published over 600 papers.

Our research is future- and application-orientated, in close co-operation with the University of Bremen.

Our work at ifib and in our projects is participatory, interdisciplinary and transparent.


ifib conducts socially relevant research on digital transformation, especially in the field of education and public administration. With our work we move in the interface between computer science and social sciences: educational technologies, digital administrative procedures, human-computer interaction, digital literacies, science and technology studies, transparent AI, critical data studies, computational social science, and research data management. Our research primarily concentrates on the following topics:


Our projects are as diverse as we are

All is data

Die (gem-)einsame Suche nach Erkenntnis in einer digitalisierten Datenwelt

Berufsschule digital

Konzepte für digitales Lehren, Lernen und Arbeiten


Musical non-formally situated learning in digital learning environments