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Focus on the social relevance of datafication.

Digitization is accompanied by a comprehensive datafication of public and social life. The open and hidden collection of data influences decision-making and opinion-forming processes; individually, organizationally and socially. The growing importance of data increases the influence of those who have the abilities needed to collect, evaluate and interpret data.

Analyzing datafication

ifib critically examines processes of datafication and analyzes the associated challenges for individuals and organizations. We examine how data infrastructures emerge as powerful

socio-technical relations, how they shape organizational structures, and how they change practices. We critically observe and accompany these ambivalent changes.

Generating knowledge and initiating research transfer

Our main research interest is in datafication processes in the education sector and public administration. We pay special attention to data-driven decision making and the transformation of organizations. ifib generates relevant knowledge in conjunction with its practice partners and benefits from the mutual learning processes.

Current projects

All is data

Die (gem-)einsame Suche nach Erkenntnis in einer digitalisierten Datenwelt


DATA For and In EDucation. The construction of school in a datafied society

Current publications

Zakharova, Irina; Bock, Annekatrin (2021) Researching implications of (in)visible data agency. ZeMKI, University of Bremen: Konferenz: Agency in a datafied society: Communication between​ and across humans, platforms and machines, 29.-30.7.2021

Jarke, Juliane; Macgilchrist, Felicitas (2021) Dashboard stories: How the narratives told by predictive analytics reconfigure roles, risk and sociality in education 1-13. Big Data & Society

Zakharova, Irina; Jarke, Juliane (2021) Educational technologies as matters of care. Copenhagen, Denmark (virtual): Konferenz: NOSTS 2021 (Nordic Science and Technology Studies), 20.-21.5.2021

Bock, Annekatrin; Zakharova, Irina (2021) Researching (in)visible data. Zürich, Switzerland: Konferenz: Dreiländertagung DACH21, 07.-09.04.2021

von Blumröder, Lucas; Breiter, Andreas (2020) Die Nutzung Maschineller Lernsysteme für den Erlass verwaltungsrechtlicher Ermessensentscheidungen 1-16. dms - der moderne staat, 13 (2)