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Deutsche Bahn
DB Training
ZukunftPlus e.V.
Institut für Technik und Bildung (ITB)
Bremer Institut für Bildungsforschung (BIB)

Funding body:

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (bmbf)e

Contact person

Ines Averbeck

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In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, DB Training, ZukunftPlus e.V., the Institute for Technology and Education (ITB) and the Bremen Institute for Education Research (BIB), ifib is developing new ways to promote profession-oriented media literacy among young socially disadvantaged individuals.

About 8,800 trainees complete their professional training at Deutsche Bahn. Moreover, DB offers various activities in the field of training preparation. The training entry qualification program Chance plus each year prepares about 400 young individuals that have not yet acquired the necessary qualification or have not been able to enter professional training due to a lack of vacancies for their entry into professional life.

Media literacy is as yet not very present in the framework of Chance plus but is becoming more and more relevant in professional contexts. The project LernenPlus is aimed at the development of learning activities that involve working with digital media. An online learning environment which is yet to be developed will be used. At the end of the project, the promotion of professional media literacy is intended to be fully integrated into the Chance plus program.

ifib is primarily responsible for analyzing the status quo at the beginning of the project, evaluating of the trial and further development of the learning activities, and evaluating the development of the online learning environment.

Publications belonging to this project

Welling, Stefan (2013) Medienbildung und Berufsorientierung „Medienbildung entlang der Bildungskette“ – Dialogtagung am 07.05.2013, Paderborn:

Kratzer, Verena; Averbeck, Ines; Burchert, Joanna; Lübke, Eileen; Piesik, Frank; Welling, Stefan; Wolf, Karsten D. (2017) Berufliche Medienkompetenzförderung als Unterstützung beruflicher Lern- und Entwicklungsprozesse: Evaluation von Lerneinheiten im Projekt Lernen Plus Bremen:

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