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01.02.2014 - 29.01.2015

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Ines Averbeck

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Promoting media literacy by means of the Medienpass (media passport)

Comparative analysis based on the survey about integrating media into the primary school classroom in North-Rhine Westphalia

The LfM (North-Rhine Westphalia’s state media authority) has assigned the evaluation of their project Medienpass NRW to ifib. Based on the results of our survey on integrating media into the primary school classroom (Medienintegration in der Grundschule), we are going to explore how the media passport supports the promotion of media literacy at primary schools.

By triangulating qualitative and quantitative research methods, we will assess the projects efficacy. We are aiming to evaluate typical ways of utilizing media in class, review the contents and examine the preconditions that need to be fulfilled for individual schools to work with the media passport successfully. Another important issue concerns the role of the media passport regarding inclusive education. The overall purpose of the survey is to facilitate further development of the project.

Publications belonging to this project

Breiter, Andreas; ; Averbeck, Ines; ; Welling, Stefan; ; Schulz, Arne Hendrik [jetzt: Ruhe, Arne Hendrik] (2015) Der Medienpass als Instrument zur Förderung von Medienkompetenz Düsseldorf: Landesanstalt für Medien Nordrhein-Westfalen,

Breiter, Andreas; Averbeck, Ines; (2016) Erfolgsfaktoren der Medienintegration in Grundschulen aus der Perspektive der Organisationsentwicklung in: Markus Peschel; Thomas Irion, Neue Medien in der Grundschule 2.0. Grundlagen - Konzepte - Perspektiven, Frankfurt am Main: Grundschulverband, 65-78.

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