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Datafication hot topic on IFIP Conference

This year's IFIP Conference "Stakeholders and IT in Education" of TC Education was held at the University of Minho at Guimaraēs in Portugal. During my session on IT in educational management, I tried to link current trends in datafication in education with IT governance. Being part of our larger research portfolio, the role of data for decision making, control, accountability and improvement needs to be regarded in a broader context. They way data are produced and algorithms are socially constructed, shapes the way education in schools is constituted. Based on empirical examples from rankings, school management information systems and value-added assessment models, I explained its role in defining 'good education'. Both has to be embedded in governance structures and strategic processes. We can learn from research on IT Governance to bring the strategic business needs (in our case education goals) upfront. For future activities, more empirical data is necessary. We will will try to build up case studies in both K-12 and Higher Education Institutions. 


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